FoodGB – We Have A MISSION

To empower every individual to afford a better living by providing a much better alternative to existing food delivery channel.

Tired of the hefty charges of food delivery charges and the mark-up prices of food?

Have you ever encountered that your food cost much more when ordered from food delivery services such as (better not mentioning names here)? The price you’re paying is on top of the additional delivery charges. And most times, the add-on price plus delivery charges can buy you additional 2 to 3 sets of the food you ordered. So are you actually paying and enjoying the food or the service?

Familiar with the tagline, “Now everyone can …”? Yes, we are here to offer you the same experience everyone is familiar with. Cheap and good. Cheap price, good food, good service, and only pay for what you want. No hanky panky, no waste, no markup, no marketing gimmick such as FREE delivery when the price is already rocket high.

Best of all, we’re friend to our vendors. We do not take a hefty cut from their earnings. What this means to you, the vendors and to us? We look at everyone as our partners and we’re here to stay and benefit together. We don’t cut them (the vendors), they don’t cut you, you’re happy, we’re happy, and we make the vendors happy. It’s an ecosystem.