FoodGB – What it’s all about?

FoodGB – Family & Friends, Gastronomy, Budget

Online food ordering/delivery trend is picking up in Malaysia. But most of them merely catered to offering dishes from restaurants, coffee shops and food courts. However, there’s a neglected segment in this industry. Have you ever tapao-ed nasi lemak, mee goreng, kuih-muih from the popup stalls in your housing area, near your office, college, university? Did you realise that these popup stalls are everywhere you go?

FoodGB is a food ordering model that is designed to serve Malaysians the best food available with a vision of “tasty, economical food everywhere you are”. Our main selling point is the idea that we provide what most food delivery companies don’t, which is mostly the kind of food that we like to tapao for our breakfast or lunch that can be found nearby our house, office, college or university, food that are loved by the locals.

Our vision for this online food ordering platform is to deliver economical authentic local food right from the local vendors itself and this is what sets us apart from the rest. Our food are landmark food which are well known to the people around the area, but some may find it difficult as these vendors may not operate on a fixed operating hour or may have sold out early.

FoodGB is here to solve all these problems. Our platform allows for customers to pre-order their favorite meals from the vendors. Customers will be able to see the availability of the vendor and the meals they offer by making their orders online before the cut-off ordering time and a fixed collection time. This model not only adds value to the vendors by increasing their sales and maximising on their profit by having known how much to cook (rather than having not enough to sell or having surplus), but also to our customers by skipping queue and have it ready for collection at a specific time.

FoodGB is still at a very early stage but we’re working hard to incorporate more selections for our customers to choose from.

We take the hassle of long queues, impossible parkings, and the irritable weather out of your tapao experience. By doing so, we’re seeing people would rather order food because they want to eat it with their friends and family rather than ordering food because they don’t have the time to go out for lunch. As we all know, good food is best eaten with great company.